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The Tap Ten presents

An International PokemonGO “Let’s Play” Experience

The Story

Hi, my name is Rich Ketchum and I’ll be your tour guide.

As a world traveling Pokemon collector and photographer, my job is to take you around the globe so you can see all of the places Pokemon are currently inhabiting.

On August 24, I’ll be taking you on the first international leg of this tour: South East Asia. From there we will head north to the Asian Pacific region. If all goes well we will then travel to the European region.

Spiro KhouriBack at our company HQ is my partner, Spiro Khouri, co-creator of the Worldwide PokemonGO Adventure. Read more about us here.

Spiro and I are working hard to provide you with an unforgettable immersive digital experience.

We’ll be uploading our best video content to YouTube and I’ll be Snapchatting, Periscoping, Tweeting and blogging the entire way so you won’t miss a second.

This is a trip you won’t want to miss! So why not join the fun?

Our Goal:
3 Phases. 20+ Countries. Tons of Incredible Content.

What You Are Funding: The Modern Ash Ketchum Pokemon Story

Adventure Travel

Rich will attempt to travel to a new country every other week. He will do his best to fully explore the depths of each destination to produce a stunning visual production. It will be difficult to backpack and make professional level content but Rich is up to the task.

PokemonGO Augmented Reality

By extensively traveling while playing the World’s most popular mobile game PokemonGO, Rich will bring the original Pokemon story with Ash Ketchum to life. Rich will venture far and wide will chasing pokemon and battling other trainers.

Digital Storytelling

If combining adventure travel and PokemonGo wasn’t already enough. The goal of this project is to completely transcend both mediums and realities. Rich will tell the story via Youtube videos as well as social platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter and Periscope. The story will be real-time and constantly going.

Our goal is to use the funds raised via Indiegogo and sponsorships to extend the length of the Worldwide PokemonGO Adventure as far as possible.

We want to publish a daily video encompassing the story of Rich Ketchum along his journey.

Who is Rich Ketchum?

The Adventurer

Rich Ketchum is an explorer of realms and realities. He has traveled far and wide in search of purpose…and Pokemon. He is a World Traveling Pokemon Photographer, Collector and Philosopher who shares his wealth of experiences with the world.

The Player

Rich Ketchum has always been a high-level game player. From Settlers of Catan to Scattegories, from Poker to Pokemon, Rich wants to play games at the highest level. That’s why he challenged himself to travel the world on a low-budget just so he could fully experience the world’s best mobile game.

The Creator

Rich Ketchum produces the most unique PokemonGO Let’s Play experience in the world. He combines high quality video production with visual social platforms such as Youtube, Snapchat, and Periscope. He creates an on-going story that transcends mediums and realities.

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