How the idea to play PokemonGO around the world came to be.

My life log was sparse.

I’ve been keeping this log for over 4 years now. It keeps track of the people I meet, the projects I work on, special events. I noticed it was getting a little sparse. Sometimes I go into this mode where I’m just “getting by” as my mentor says.

Everything seems great on the outside, but it’s just “getting by” behavior. It’s not thriving like the potential suggests.

I’m doing a lot, but it’s not focused or purposeful.  So having some awareness of this was definitely propagating a possible shift in energy.


Needing to Find Focus

It had only been 8 months since I returned from Manila, Palawan and Boracay. Not long, but something was still stirring inside. A desire to move, yet a desire to focus.

As a consultant by trade, I have dozens of project whirring inside my head and I am always sourcing new ones and looking to win business. But this can cause mind overload. Too many things are “top of mind” all of a sudden.

I slowly started winding things down and looking to hone in on a few specific projects. But even that was still taxing.

I was sitting down with a friend who’s also building business in the mobile gaming space and he was showing me data on the PokemonGO livestreams and also forum data.

When you are in digital marketing you can see the power of certain trends a little clearer than the average person.

That’s why I didn’t waste a second not letting my mind run wild with the idea – I was certain PokemonGO was going to be massive and after I saw the data I wanted to go all-in.


Running wild with the idea

I immediately had a vision.

One man traveling the world like a young Ash Ketchum, playing PokemonGO in different countries chasing adventure.

The whole story would be told through videos on Youtube and social media like Snapchat and Twitter.

Before I even brought the idea to my co-founder at Tap Ten, Spiro, I ran the idea by my partner. She thought it was good, but not amused by the requirements.

I told her, “It’s just 10 countries in 3 months, and maybe if we’re lucky 20 countries in 6 months.”

This sort of travel is not for the relaxing type. It is intense to be constantly on the move.

New languages, cultural norms and the low budget doesn’t exactly help. Plus all the logistics and planning.


Manifesting into reality

But when I finally talked to Spiro, I said, “There are only a handful of people in the world who can and are willing to create this type of content.”

I told him I was going to travel to a dozen countries, play PokemonGO and make awesome videos all on one backpack and while living in cheap Airbnbs.

He said, “How much do you need?” and when I replied told him low budget I was thinking he was immediately interested.

That’s sometime that’s really exciting about this project. To keep costs extremely low and to make the story more realistic it has to be done by a single person.

That person has to be a gaming enthusiast, a experienced traveler, a capable iPhoneographer and video editor in challenging conditions and ready to backpack for 3 months through Asia.

And somehow that person happens to be me. I guess that’s why I designed the idea this way, so that it was perfect for me.


The perfect project for The Tap Ten

Our goals for 2016 were to play bigger roles in the mobile gaming community and build a YouTube channel with 25000 subs and growing.

We talked about making 100 basic videos or 1 really awesome video, because both are viable strategies. But we did agree we should think bigger.

When the idea was all laid out there was no way that we weren’t at least going to try and execute it.

We decided we would self-fund, look for sponsors and also run an Indiegogo campaign just 10 days after the idea was conceptualized.

The fact that we both wanted to move fast and go all-in was a great sign.

That’s how the idea truly came to life, we both wanted it to become a reality and we started doing exactly what it took to make it so.


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