We Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to create epic PokemonGO content.

Ten days ago we thought of an idea to create a video series about someone playing PokemonGO around the world. It would be a true homage to the story of Ash Ketchum and the Pokemon series.

Seven days ago we decided the idea was so good that it warranted crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Today we launched the campaign

We don’t have too much expectation as far as the results. We didn’t have any budget or pre-launch.

We had so little time to prepare. It was an intense 7 days of preparing a marketing blitz and a solid video that would get people excited about the project.

Since we are self-funding the project for now, everything helps. We’re starting with a local media push, then on to social platforms like Reddit and hopefully we can get picked up by other outlets.

Fortunately we’ve already had a great article posted by The Daily Hive. It’s a little early to tell whether it’s going to be enough to get the ball rolling.

Our goal is simply to make great content that appeals to travelers, adventurers and Pokemon lovers. We think there is a lot of those people and that’s who we are here to entertain.

It may be that we have to go start making that type of content before we can get any kind of backing, but hopefully people see the quality of our work and are willing to back us.

Time will tell, but it’s not going to stop us.




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